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In technical terms, a foundation is defined as the earth, or strata, where the footings of the house are constructed. Below are some of the different methods used in underpinning Brisbane foundations

Concrete Slab Underpinning

Concrete underpinning involves the construction of underpins on weaker segments of the foundation, to strengthen the load-bearing capacity of the foundation. Concrete is poured and left to cure before it is loaded with the foundation which increases the size and strength of the foundation.

Screwpile Underpinning

Screwpile Underpinning is an underpinning method that uses a combination of helic screws and concrete footings to stabilise the building. This underpinning method can be considered a permanent solution since it does not easily get affected by any subsurface destabilization – movements below the ground. Also, the screwpiles have a quick installation time which shortens the project completion time.

Geo-polymer Resin Injection

It is an underpinning method that uses geo-polymer resin which gets injected into the ground through holes drilled below the footing. The resin follows the path of least resistance when it’s injected into the ground, filling any gaps in the soils. This compacts the soil and creates a firm base for supporting the weight of the foundation. This is not a method we recommend or practise.

What to consider when looking for an Underpinning Contractor

As a homeowner, the foundation of your home is really important, and requires reliable underpinning contractors Brisbane residents trust to return its integrity.  Below are some of the tips to help you choose the right underpinning specialists to undertake foundation repair work: 

  • Costs The cost of underpinning a house depends on different factors that include the type of soil supporting the foundation, accessibility of the site by machinery, and the extent of the damage. As a rule of thumb, avoid cheaper companies that are less skilled in house underpinning Brisbane. In the end, you should hire the high quality but affordable underpinning contractors for your foundation repair project. 
  • Quality of past projects not all underpinning specialists are equally skilled. When searching for the best house underpinning contractors, choose those with traceable references. We take pride in offering the best underpinning services Brisbane residents trust. We have been underpinning Brisbane for years! We know its type of soils and the suitable underpinning methods for the foundation repairs
  • Engage registered companies check whether your underpinning contractor has a license to offer SA underpinning in the Brisbane area with all the necessary documents for operating in your area. Your home is too valuable to use a neighborhood handyman for foundation repair work. Go for the best.
  • Reputation not all underpinning specialists have ethical business practices. As a homeowner, you can easily get tricked into paying more than is necessary, or choosing underpinning methods with a high risk, simply to match the skillset of the contractor. 

Brisbane Underpinning Group can help you fix all your property’s foundation problems. Right across Brisbane, from Bulimba to Hawthorne,  Fig Tree Pocket to Pullenvale, we continue to restore beauty and durability to homes with cracked foundations.