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Why Us?

Why Choose Brisbane Underpinning Group?

Finding the right underpinning specialists for underpinning a house can be a challenge, but not when you work with us. We have a dedicated team of SA underpinning specialists who have mastered the craft of house underpinning Brisbane properties. We have been underpinning Brisbane for years. We efficiently allocate resources to meet deadlines, to avoid worsening the existing problem.From Hamilton to Teneriffe, Auchenflower to Chelmer, we have many happy clients across Brisbane underpinning homes. You can be a part of this growing list of happy homeowners at our affordable underpinning costs. Read more to find out why we are your go-to contractors for all underpinning services Brisbane restorations require.
Plans for screwpiling in Brisbane (1)Plans for screwpiling in Brisbane (1)
Steel boxes made up for underpinning foundations brisbaneSteel boxes made up for underpinning foundations brisbane
Screwpiles stacked ready to be used for underpinning Brisbane homesScrewpiles stacked ready to be used for underpinning Brisbane homes
A broken water pipe can cause foundation issues that will require underpinning Brisbane homesA broken water pipe can cause foundation issues that will require underpinning Brisbane homes

The Underpinning Process

If you want a stress-free underpinning project, consider hiring Brisbane Underpinning Group. We have a simplified 7 step process to help you in underpinning foundations within short periods. To hire us:

    1. Get in touch – contact us for consultation for underpinning foundations project. We have a team dedicated to serving you, who will listen to all your special requirements. Our goal is to provide affordable underpinning services Brisbane residents can afford, while restoring your property to almost its original state. We respect and value your opinion.
  • We employ a registered structural engineer – to assess your property and its surroundings, and design a site specific underpinning method suitable for your house’s foundation repairs. We engage qualified engineers who are experienced in house underpinning Brisbane
    1. Conduct a soil test  – this is needed to know the depth required to reach the firm soil.  It also establishes the moisture properties, which is crucial in designing a suitable method of underpinning a house
  • Construct Underpins – these underpins are inspected by a qualified engineer to ensure that they are located at the most effective points along the foundation. Once they meet the specified requirements, they are poured with concrete and left to cure before carrying the load.
  • Lift – in the case of house subsidence (the sinking of a foundation), we use house lifting techniques to bring the house to the desired level. This will stop or reduce settlement (underground movements in the foundation) as the weight of the foundation is supported from the firm soil.
  • Clean-up – we leave your house as clean as it was before we came. No equipment, material or debris is left on site. We take care of all waste for the duration of the project, and present a house that is ready for occupation.
  • Report – we will present an official report that is signed by a qualified engineer to mark the completion of the project.

We believe in the importance of communication during the course of the project. You are kept updated of the project milestones, until your house is ready to go once again. Over the years, we’ve provided the best underpinning services Brisbane residents loved. We can restore the beauty of your property, at affordable underpinning costs. Call us today!

Walls cracking? Windows and doors jamming? Your foundation needs fixing before it gets worse. Brisbane Underpinning Group is your reliable underpinning specialists for all foundation repairs across Brisbane. We offer high-quality underpinning services at affordable costs. We have a team of experts who have years of experience in house underpinning Brisbane’s reactive soils. We use tailored solutions to strengthen foundations and bring stability to your property. The projects are delivered within set timeframes, we keep you informed of the progress. A good work ethic and professionalism enable us to contribute towards Brisbane restorations, resulting in a growing list of happy clients. Get in touch with our team to get a free assessment.

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